So … So … The „tenacious little word“

refers to Herta Müller and the way she deals with the subject home. Questions as „Where do I come from?“ and „Where do I belong?“ is what master student Michael Klipphahn from Dresden is most engaged in. In his actual works he is trying to define respective answers. Deeply contemplating, without being melancholic or nostalgic. Humorously criticizing, without being denunciating or too light footed. Demonstratively colourful, without being too striking.
Thus he disguises and regenerates images borrowed from the world of media (popular/high culture) which again explore a new dimension between first appearance and the actual state of existence. It remains questionable whether a youth culture that appears to be artificially arranged can find it’s true identity. So … what remains?

„In the broadest sense an image of youth culture, his groupworks can be read as a seismograph of the present age.“

Gwendolin Kremer, Dresden

Michael Klipphahn completed his studies of painting at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts in 2012. Being awarded with honours he became master student of Professor Ralf Kerbach. In the same year he received a scholarship of the Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung für die Freiheit. Already in 2011, the young talent, born in Riesa in 1987, participated in the exhibition „Kunststudenten stellen aus“ at the Federal-Art-Hall