Nowadays we are surrounded

by Facebook, Google and Smartphones. Every day we are taken over by information from the media and also overwhelmed by CODES. On almost every newspaper or advertising poster QR-Codes are to be seen. „As much as possible“ and „as soon as possible“ are the maxim of the society to act on. There is a run on new technologies, that may be the adaption of supply to demand. A strong movement, you can not escape from. One, that makes you depending – depending from the technologies of the 21st century.
Petra Polli, living in Salzburg and Leipzig, observes the communications behavior and media events of those days and processes her experiences in paintings. Analogous vs. digital, old vs. new, force vs. faint seem to be the most important contrastive pairs, which she makes a subject of discussion. As a communication scientist she captures current questions of our society and media landscape, without giving a precise reply. It is more a request at the visitors to be sensitive in general and return to traditional, analogous ways of communication. The native Italian applies a algorithmic method, the so called “Caesarian Code”. In the course of this is the original text coming from the mass media encoded, while translating each letter by a secret number going right way in the alphabet. The consequential cipher language – the CODE – can only be decoded by the key of the mystery, the not known number. Who is able to decipher the encoded text of the abstract and figurative paintings will notice, that also their contents captures those issues, Petra Polli wants to communicate. The artist herself comprehends the visual portrayal as a support of the term itself.

It is the first exhibition of Petra Polli, who graduated her studies of painting and graphic 2007 at the Mozarteum in Salzburg and 2010 at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig, in Dresden.