At first sight,

it seems as if we see familiar landscapes in the pictures of Denise Richardt. A distant mountain range that rises behind a scenery of vast meadows, fields and forests. May it be a group of trees obstructing our view, while the dark between the trunks vaguely allows us to discern what is hiding in the woods. However, unexpected colour tones, rough areas and an expressive brushstroke makes the supposedly clear picture quickly fall apart. In the places the artist takes us to, we recognize a strangeness that cannot have it’s origin in a real landscape.

It is not so much the motive, as it is the field of painting itself that provides the key to the works of the berlin based artist. She thoughtfully exploits its constitutiv elements, using the dot, lines and the planar area to generate a spacious effect and pictorial force. Thus, she consciously disintegrates shapes to the limits of abstraction, juxtaposes sketchy structures and smooth areas and twiddles with space and perspective.

In canon, Denise Richardt shows us pictures between abstraction and representation where colour plays the most important role. Similar to a musical theme, it joins the manyfold voices of the composition in a harmonious melody.

Denise Richardt was born in Berlin in 1972 and studied painting and liberal arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin Weißensee. She completed the master class with Prof. Dieter Goltzsche. In 2002 followed a work stay in Rome, Italy.