Dots and lines, triangles

and circles – a strictly organized system of geometrical rules. Not only the human uses it to harness its environment and bestow order upon it. Nature follows similar principles. Blades of grass stretch out to the sun, Raindrops write concentric circles on shimmering watersurfaces. Would the tail of a comet not dissolve, could we see all the blazing lines he traces in the skies in one single moment – it would produce a remarkable arrangement of the shapes.

With comet, the Leipzig based artist Anya Triestram shows once more that the relief print encompasses far more than the economic production of editions and numbers of units. She surprises with plastic process technologies and combines them in pictureworks that exceed the framework of the customary format.

The unbroken topicality of the ornament – a single stylized motif, which can be mirrored and strung arbitrarily – is immanent in Triestrams work. While art theory has been primarily employed with the ornament’s force in terms of structuring space, the artist bestows a figurative, yes, almost narrative quality upon it that has not been seen before. Furthermore obliged to its structuring , grouping and framing qualities, the ornament in Anya Triestrams works does not dwarf into mere decoration. Thus, the beholder follows lines and dots on their alleged predetermined way, to suddenly find himself in sceneries that tell of remote worlds.