In the beginning it is only a gentle vibration.

But each new amplitude creates another image. A huge explosion determines the scenery here. Fine wafts of mist pass by there. Sometimes it seems as if melting celluloid is captured on the big screen in the moment the film ruptures.

But the individual scenes caused primarily by the associations of the beholder. The artist herself is telling no story with her pictures. However her work is certainly not silent. Hoppe’s intention is the formal process. Almost ruthless she bares once hidden layers of paint and drives the destruction up to the damage of the canvas. But in the result it’s neither wounded nor broken. Everything rather seems to blend together in a smooth and almost untouchable surface.

With her current paintings Sara Hoppe liberates herself from the two-dimensionality of the surface. Enriched with figurative elements her pictures gain a significant depth. The motifs are complex constructs. But Hoppe does not leave her work to chance. Restrained colors were staged powerfully by the artist.

The paintings are expressive and lasting in the result. Each exudes a tremendous intensity of finer vibrations which accrue to huge images in the ongoing dialogue between the work and the beholder.