The paintings by Michael Klipphahn are

of considerable precision and a brilliant technique. As to the manner born the young artist living in Dresden paints his artworks in oil on paper. Because he prefers the smooth surface of paper compared to the rougher canvas. In only a few layers he paints the image, which he has in his head precisely and long before. He does not count on coincidence. For this reason he sometimes declares a painting for unsuitable – just because it has a few layers too much and therefore has developed a more pastose impression.

In his current exhibition in the gallery M2A for contemporary art, Klipphahn features beneath painting for the first time sculptures, too: Two black, mysterious panthers – Folie à deux 1 and 2 (2015) – and a bunch of flowers – in black, too. Arranged, the artworks become a synthesis of the arts. A monumental portrait of Paris Hilton, Lové (2015), will be shown, as well as an adapted cover of the magazine „Officiel. Hommes“. Willem Dafoe has been exchanged by Klipphahn through an abstract blue form that reminds one a little bit of a horse’s head. The flamingos stayed an give a surrealistic-tropical touch. The image of rubber plant leaves, flowers and portraits, completed by photo wallpaper, neon sign and a picture frame made out of palm leaves result in the impression of a complete own world – weird, sensual, and totally artificial.

Gwendolin Kremer

Klipphahn has been born in 1987 in Riesa, a city close to Dresden, and studied since 2006 painting at the the art academy of Dresden, the Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Dresden (HfBK), since 2012 as a master scholar of Ralf Kerbach and from 2010 to 2013 as his assistant. Klipphahn received already a series of diverse stipends and traveling grants, e.g. to Utrecht/NL.